LOKD College



লোকনায়ক অমিয় কুমাৰ দাস মহাবিদ্যালয়


(Established - 1970)

Dhekiajuli - Sonitpur - Assam

Phone: 03712-244231


Active links of all supporting documents are available in the PDF format of SSR for public view.


Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College

2nd Cycle of Accreditation


Extended Profile:

2.2 Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI/ State Govt rule year wise during last five years PDF

3.2 Number of sanctioned posts year-wise during last five years PDF

Criteria 1 :

1.2.1 CBCS Implementation Notice PDF

1.3.2 Name of the student studied course on experiential learning through project work/field work/internship

Assamese Field Study (Paper M 403)

Bengali Project Work (Paper M 606)

Bodo (Paper M 606)

Education (Paper M 606)

Geography (Paper M 606)

History (Paper M 606)

Philosophy (Paper M 606)

Botany Field Report (Paper M 303)

Physics Project Work (Paper M 606)

Statistics Project (Paper M 606)

Zoology Project (Paper M 606)

Mathematics Project Work (Paper M 606)

Commerce Project Report (Paper M 605)

EVS Field Project (Paper G) Arts

EVS Field Project (Paper G) Science

EVS Field Project (Paper G) Commerce

1.3.3 Percentage of students undertaking project work/field work/ internships (2019-20)












Criteria 2 :

2.3.3 Circulars pertaining to assigning mentors to mentees  PDF

2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent and robust in terms of frequency and mode  PDF

2.5.2 Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances is transparent, time-bound and efficient PDF

2.6.3 Annual Reports of the final year Result  PDF

Criteria 3 :

3.1.3: Reports of the seminars/conferences/workshops conducted by the institution during the last five years PDF

3.1.3: The Institution has several collaborations/linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, Internship, Field trip, On-job training, research etc. during the last five years






a) Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp under MOU

b) Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme with Assam Startup under MoU

c) Faculty exchange programme with Rangapara College under MoU

Criteria 4 :

4.1.1 Facilities for teaching- learning. viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment, etc. PDF

4.1.3 Bezbaruah Seminar Hall Geotagged Photo

Conference Hall 64

Class Room 40 ICT-1

Class Room 41 ICT-2

Class Room 42 ICT-3

Class Room 43 ICT-4

Class Room 44 ICT-5

Smart Class Room 62 ICT-6

4.2.2 The institution has subscription for the following e-resources

a) Library Expenditure Audited Statement 2014-20

b) N-List Membership 18-19

c) N-List Membership 19-20

4.4.2 systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities  PDF

Criteria 5 :

5.1.1 Average Percentage of Students benefited by scholarships and freeships provided by the Government during

Session 2015-16

Session 2016-17

Session 2017-18

Session 2018-19

Session 2019-20

Criteria 6 :

6.2.1 Strategic Plan PDF

6.3.5 Institution Performance Appraisal System

6.4.1 Statement of Audited Report & Cash Book 2015-16 to 2019-20 PDF

Criteria 7 :

7.1.1 Specific Facilities Provided for Women

Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan

7.1.8 Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment PDF

7.1.9 Sensitization of Students and employees of the institution to the constitutional obligation PDF

7.1.11 Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivals PDF


Extended Profile deviations:

2.3 Number of outgoing/final year students year-wise during last five years.

Metrics Level Deviation:

1.1.3 Teachers of the Institution participate in following activities

  1. For question paper setting: Letters from the affiliating university to the faculty for setting question paper for UG/PG programs. PDF
  2. For Assessment Evaluation: The letters from the affiliating university inviting the faculty for Assessment/evaluation. PDF
  3. Letter in support of the Membership in CCS, Gauhati University of Dr. Tulan Mochahary PDF

2.4.2 Copy of the Doctorate Degrees awarded by UGC recognized universities PDF

2.4.2 Copy of the Doctorate Degrees awarded by UGC recognized universities PDF

3.3.3 & 3.3.4 Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC etc. Average percentage of students participating in extension activities at above during last five years PDF


1. Dr. Hiranmoyee Bora PDF