LOKD College

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লোকনায়ক অমিয় কুমাৰ দাস মহাবিদ্যালয়


(Established - 1970)

Dhekiajuli - Sonitpur - Assam

Phone: 03712-244231

Rules and Regulations

  1. Academic session starts at the college as per Gauhati University regulations. A copy of the Academic Calendar will be enclosed with the prospectus.
  2. Attendance of the students are compulsory and the students who have less than 75% attendance will not be allowed to sit as a regular student either in the college or university examination.
  3.  Students irrespective of HS and Degree classes must have to appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during an academic session.

  4. An examination committee formed by the authority will conduct all the examinations.
  5.  The schedule and duty of the tutorial and other college examinations will be given in due course of time.
  6.  Students must maintain discipline in the college, violation of the rules and regulations of the college will invite punitive actions like transfer certificate or expulsion from the college.
  7. Any students found indulging in ragging or any other such activities will be expelled from the college.
  8. College uniform is compulsory for all the students.
  9.  Students Union will function under the control and guidance of the college authorities.
  10.  All power of maintenance of discipline are vested with the Principal and his/her decision shall be final in all matters.
  11.  Only those Societies and Associations which have been recognized by the Principal shall have the facilities of using the college premises.
  12.  Bringing Identity Cards to college is compulsory for all students.
  13. Filled Up Registration Forms Should Be Submitted In The Office Within The Stipulated Time As Fixed By The College Office. No Registration Form Will Be Received After Such Time.
  14. For pass certificate from the college one has to apply one day ahead and for a transfer certificate application must be made at least two days ahead.
  15.  The students must park their vehicles at the parking area and are prohibited from parking their vehicles at any other place.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

Professional Ethics

An Institution established in a multiethnic multi-cultural area on the North bank of Brahmaputra Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College since its inception has been making significant contribution in the academic and societal sphere of the area.

To ensure a healthy academic environment and to promote an ambience of universal respect, human values and inclusiveness we strive to follow certain principles in our institution.

Celebrating 50 years of glorious existence Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College caters to the academic need of a vast geographical area reaching out to a large no of first generation learners. This way the institution has been making education accessible to backward communities like tea community.

  1. Impartiality in all matters pertaining to class, examination and all other student related activities.
  2. Diverse representation of all communities in the corporate life of the college.
  3. An academic calendar prescribed by university and modified by our institution is adhered to and letter in spirit.
  4. Punctuality, accessibility maintained by members of the staff.
  5. We believe in the principle that we are here for academic excellence as well as for instilling universal values in our students.
  6. We believe in the immense potentiality of our students and accordingly our efforts are directed towards realizing that potentiality.
  7. As teaching and non-teaching staff together, we work as family members.
  8. We work with utmost dedication and sincerity.
  9. We do not divulge our internal matters to any outsider.
  10. We don’t interact with media in our individual capacity on matters relating to the institution.
  11. Confidential matters like examination are accorded highest level of confidentiality.
  12. We refrain from unhealthy practices like nepotism.
  13. We don’t encourage communal feelings and acts in our institutions.
  14. Respect for every individual and every faith is a principle we adhere to.
  15. Gender sensitivity is always taken into account and respect for all individuals irrespective of gender caste, religion constitutes one of our ethical principles.
  16. Disputes are resolved amicably among ourselves.
  17. We do not encourage racism in our institution. 
  18. Commitment toward society and nation is part of our ethics.

We observe state, national and international days to instill human values and spirit of tolerance, integrity amongst ourselves and students.