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লোকনায়ক অমিয় কুমাৰ দাস মহাবিদ্যালয়


(Established - 1970)

Dhekiajuli - Sonitpur - Assam

Phone: 03712-244231

Department of Geography


Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College was established in the year 1970. Since its inception the subject Geography was not introduce in the College. Later on due to continuous effort and public demand the subject and department of Geography was initiated in 1992 in Higher Secondary Level. The then Principal Mr. R.N. Bhuyan had to take a lot of pain in establishing the department and to make it materially and academically sound.

The Department was established in the 1992 as higher secondary courses with the appointment of Dr. Mitali Saikia, HOD. The Department of Geography, L.O.K.D. College introduced its Honours Courses with group of 5th Students, Namely – Kangkan Deka, Utpal Deka, Ajit Tanti, Junmpni Das, Sangita Das and Girish Das.

In 2003, the first Major batch appeared in degree final examination and in 2004 L.O.K.D. College brought glory to the college as 2nd best graduate (Miss Gitanjali Malakar) of Gauhati University, rest of the students were awarded first and second class.

Till now total number of 58 (from session 2015-16 onward) Students secured first class in B.A./B.Sc. from this department. First batch students of Geography Department

Geography Department

Estd: 20-04-2000
H.o.D: Dr. Mitali Saikia
Degree offered in: Geography
Faculty Strength: 4
Student Strength: 79
Dept. Library: Yes
Dept. Lab: Yes


Data Not Available

Programs & Courses

SLCourseAffiliating body
1Three years (Six Semester)
Degree course (Hons/Major)
Gauhati University
2Three years (Six Semester)
Degree course (RC/General)
Gauhati University


The Department of Geography, L.O.K.D. College has established a library in 2000 attached with the L.O.K.D. College Geographical Society. There were only 11 books when the library was initiated. All these books were collected through the individual contribution of teachers and students. But now we home approximately 200 books in our departmental library. Both English and Assamese medium books are available in the library. The main aim of establish a departmental library is to serve the students and teachers by providing essential and rare books. The student member of L.O.K.D. College and teachers are regularly contributing to the library. The outgoing major level students regularly donate at least one book each. Thus the departmental library which is formed will the best efforts of the teachers and students, has become a very essential part of the department.

GIS Laboratory: The department is facilitated with one laboratory including one remote sensing and GIS laboratory with 3 Computer, one server with GIS and image processing software WiFi Internet Connectivity, 1 Printer, GIS software like Super Map Desktop, 3 GPS and Arc GIS.

Other Tools and Instruments available:

  1. Super Map
  2. Computer system
  3. GPS Receiver
  4. Four Nos. Pantograph
  5. Theodolite
  6. Prismatic compass
  7. Dumpy Level
  8. Plane table
  9. Toposheets
  10. Maps
  11. Globs
  12. Satellite imagery
  13. Rock identification kit etc.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Mitali Saikia, M.Sc,Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Population Geography
DOJ:  05-08-1992
Email:  mitalisaikiatezpur@gmail.com
Phone: 9864969547

Pabitra Barman, M.Sc.

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Fluvial Geography
DOJ: 03-08-2000
Email:  pabitrab034@gmail.com
Phone:  6000685969

Siva Kr Chetry, M.A.

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Regional Planning
DOJ: 10-08-2000
Email: edu@lokdcollege.in
Phone:  2147483647

Manoj Kr Sarma, M.A.

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Agriculture Geography
DOJ: 16-11-2007
Email: edu@lokdcollege.in
Phone:  2147483647

Non-Teaching Staff

Sujit Sutradhar, B.A.

Laboratory Assistant

DOJ: 01-09-2009
Email: edu@lokdcollege.in
Phone:  2147483647

Mission & Vision


  1. To spread geographical knowledge among aspirant students.
  2. To inspire the students to understand the socio-economic problems of the locality and highlight the problems.
  3. To emphasis on computer and space based innovative technologies and dynamic methodologies in teaching and research.


The vision of the department is to create human resources, brought out responsible citizens with a distinct ambition and to make a respected department in teaching and research in the field of geography.

Thrust Areas of Teaching

  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Regional Geography
  • Cartography
  • Quantitative Techniques, GIS and GPS.
  • Surveying and leveling etc.

The Curriculum

  • The Department follows the curriculum and syllabus provided by the affiliating Gauhati University in offering B.A./B.Sc. (Major and General Course) on Semester basis.
  • Curriculum delivery and complete of the syllabus in time are ensured by maintaining the documents in the form of teaching plan, Daily class diary and monthly progress Report along with optimum utilization of the class routine, discussion and interaction with students.

The Internal Evaluation

(Evaluation of Learners)

  • The Department conducts continuous Internal Evaluation in the form of sessional examination, project mark and Home Assignment as per guidelines.
  • Performances of the students are analysed and discussed by interaction with students(group discussion etc)
  • For those who could not appear in the sessional examination due to some reasons or failed department conducts special examination for them well before the final examination.

Course Outcome (Cos)

  • The students come to know about the meaning, scope and importance of physical and Human Geography.
  • Understanding the importance of various cartography techniques in geographical study and general understanding of map, map scale and map content.
  • The students come to know about the man environment relationships.
  • Thorough understanding of quantitative techniques and analysis and interpretation of geographical data.
  • The students acquire knowledge about spatial pattern of various economic activities of the human being.
  • The students learn the use of instruments like Rotameter, Planimeter, Plane table, Prismatic Compass, Theodolite, Dumpy level, GIS, GPS etc.
  • The students understand about preparation of Field study Report / Project Report by conducting field survey.
  • The students acquire knowledge about study and analysis of Toposheets, Weather Map, Satellite imageries etc.

Teaching learning materials

  • Learning resources of our department are:-
    Globe, GIS and GPS, Maps and charts, landform models, Aerial photographs, satellite
  • Imagery, Atlas, Toposheets, drawing and tracing tables, Field survey equipment, rocks and minerals etc.
  • The Department is also equipped with various collections of books including both textual and reference books and journals.

Students Enrolment

Student Enrolment in B.A. / B.Sc. Course, 2016-2021

12016 – 1731+29+12=7220+29+21=70142
22017 – 1824+22+13=5924+20+29=73132
32018 – 1945+39+17=10126+24+20=70171
42019 – 2029+38+08=7531+26+24=81156
52020 – 2146+25+32=10328+31+26=85188

Student Strength

Present strength of students (2020-21)


Major Course

  • 1st Semester = 28
  • 3rd Semester = 31
  • 5th Semester = 26

General Course

  • 1st Semester = 46
  • 3rd Semester = 25
  • 5th Semester = 32

Students Support

  1. Textual and Reference books
  2. Online classes during Covid – 19
  3. WhatsApp Group
  4. Remedial classes for slow learners.
  5. Guidance to solve their problems if and when needed.

Strength and weakness

Strength and weakness of the Department


  • Enrolment of students is satisfactory and it increasing gradually.
  • We have a GIS lab to conduct practical works.
  • We have a library equipped with textual and reference books.


  • Remarkably poor teacher – student’s ratio.
  • We need at least 10 computers, one scanner and printer in the department for scanning maps and printing outputs.
  • We have no smart classroom in our department.

Academic Performance

Student’s Academic performance (Major Course)

SLYearsEnd Semester EnrolmentFirst ClassSecond Class
12015 – 16060204
22016 – 17201208
32017 – 18211704
42018 – 19291810
52019 – 20201703


Achievements of the Department

Getting CGPA 8 and above, Year – 2020

SLNameRoll No.CGPA
1Krishna DuttaUA171228-00858.13
2Nikita SahaUA171228-01178.18
3Lisha DeviUA171228-00928.56
4Rahul HaloiUS171228-00498.13
5Ajit MahatooUS171228-00048.28
6Nabamallika KrishnatreyaUA171228-01128.39
7Kiran BiswasUA171228-00808.17
8Suparna DasUA171228-01898.15
9Manisha BhadraUA171228-01048.32
10Keshav PandeyUA171228-00748.53
11Krittika TantiUA171228-00878.50

Achievements in Extra Curricular Activities

Students Achievement in Extra Curricular Activities
District / State / International Players

SLNameDistrict / State / InternationalRank
1Lakhyajyoti DekaInternational,WKA3rd kickboxing 2019
2Sahil ChoudhuriNational,IAKO3rd kickboxing 2018
3Ankita KhanikarNational,IAKO2nd,kickboxing 2019
4Ankita NathNational,7th Indian open kickboxing3rd kickboxing 2018
5Sankalpita GoswamiState1st pencaksilat, 2019

Winners of College Week - 2018 & 2019

1Miss Rasmita DasFirstMISS LOKD 2019
2Miss Ankita NathSecondMISS LOKD 2019
3Miss Sankalpita GoswamiThirdMISS LOKD 2019

Group Achievement

Group Achievement 2018, 2019 & 2020

  • Getting 3rd Prize in Cultural rally, 2018
  • Getting 2nd Prize in Cultural rally, 2019
  • Getting 3rd Prize in Science Day Exhibition, 2020

Student Activities

  • Wall Magazine
  • NCC Campaign
  • Participation in Independence Day
  • Blood Donation Camp

Exposure Trips

Exposure Trip of students to different Environmental condition

  • Trip to Sivasagar

Exposure to other Institutions

  • Visit to National Library, Kolkata, 2020

Academic Activities

Research papers published by faculty members in ISSN journal and peer Reviewed journals

SLFaculty NameNo. of National research PapersNo. of International research Papers
1Dr. Mitali Saikia0503
2Pabitra Barman0301
3Siva Kr ChetryN/AN/A
4Manoj Kr SarmaN/AN/A

Seminars & Conferences

Seminar / Conferences Attended by Faculty Members (From 2012-21)

SLFaculty NameNational SeminarInternational Seminar
1Dr. Mitali Saikia1606
2Pabitra Barman0401
3Siva Kr ChetryN/AN/A
4Manoj Kr SarmaN/AN/A

Courses Attended by Faculties

Orientation / Refresher course / short terms course attended by Faculty member

SLFaculty NameOrientation CourseRefresher CourseShort Term Course
1Dr. Mitali Saikia0101N/A
2Pabitra Barman010101

Recent Results

Final Examination Results – Geography (Major)

SLSessionEnd Semester EnrolmentFirst ClassSecond Class
22016-17200408(Back in other subject)

Students Progression

SLStudent ProgressionAgainst % enrollment
1U.G to PG27
4Self employed12

Departmental Activities

  • Field trip / Excursion to the places of geographical importance as per syllabus.
  • Departmental Seminars, Group discussions etc.
  • Inter departmental seminars.
  • Faculty exchange programmes under MoU with  Tezpur College
  • Parent – Teachers meet.
  • Extension activities.
    1. Cultural Rally (2 years)
    2. Visit of flood affected area  (Teliagaon) just after flood
    3. During Covid – 19 pandemic period, the department had organized a National webinar on “Understanding development and sustainable development in present day context”.

Future Plans

  • Motivation of quality students to pour department.
  • We will try to sign MoU with more number of Institutions.
  • Apply for MRP and a National seminar relating to burning social issues to enhance research oriented activities.
  • To promote the knowledge of the student we will organize departmental seminars, group discussions, quiz etc. regularly.
  • Regular arrangement of parent – teacher meet and alumni meet to strengthen the relationship with the department.
  • Upgradation of course from UG to PG.
  • The department has a future plan to increase the environmental awareness among the common people in an around the locality by holding public meeting, exhibition, seminar, organizing Eco-camp in collaboration with different NGO’s, NSS unit and NCC. Aid multilingual locality geographical seminar (Tea gardens).
  • To improve the laboratory with modern electronic equipment.
  • The department also has planned to prepare students for higher studies and competitive exam through providing coaching etc.