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লোকনায়ক অমিয় কুমাৰ দাস মহাবিদ্যালয়


(Established - 1970)

Dhekiajuli - Sonitpur - Assam

Phone: 03712-244231

Dr. Kantar Bhusan Nandi

Department of Bengali

Dr. Kantar Bhusan Nandi

Assistant Professor

In Gist:


Designation : Assistant Professor

Department: Bengali

Date of Joining: 25-03-1996

Academic Qualification :

Ph. D. from Gauhati University
M. A. from Gauhati University


Total Teaching Experience : 24 Years

Nature of Post : Permanent

Courses Taught :

  1. Non CBCS : B.A.  Major,  Elective, MIL
  2. CBCS : B.A. Honours,  GE,  Communication MIL



  1. Mobile: +91-9435380405
  2. Email:   kantarbnandi@rediffmail.com

Seminar / Workshop Attended (without paper)

  1. Attended a UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Empowering Women Workers In North-Eastern India Challenges Of Influx And Exodus“, 7th -8th February, 2014, Women Cell, LOKD College, Assam, India.
  2. Attended a International Seminar on “Poverty Beyond Borders”, 10th, 11th and 12th February 2016, P.B. College, Gauripur Assam, India.
  3. Attended a Workshop on ”Bengali Spelling & Proof-Reading”, 6th September 2017, Dept. of Bengali, LOKD College, Assam, India.
  4. Attended a National Seminar on ”Plagarism And Its Related Issues”, 21st -22nd  January 2019, P.B.College, Gauripur, Assam, India.

Seminar / Workshop Attended (with paper)

  1. Presented  a Paper in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Post-Rabindra Bengali Novel : Time-Space-Society (Upto 2000 A.D)”, 17th -18th March 2017, Gauhati University,  Assam, India


  1. Chairperson in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture of Assam”, Tezpur College, Assam, held on 6th-7th February, 2015.
  2.  Chairperson in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Post-Rabindra Bengali Novel : Time-Space-Society (upto 2000 A.D.)”, organised by Department of Bengali, Gauhati University, held on 17th-18th March, 2017.

Participation in Curricular Development :

  1. Member of CCS (UG), Gauhati University

Participation in Co- curricular & Extra-curricular Activities:

  1. Member, Admission Committee, LOKD College, 2014-2020
  2. Convenor, Routine Committee,LOKD College  2016-2017
  3. Member, IQAC, LOKD College
  4. Convenor, Students Counseling cell, 2016-2017
  5. Convenor, Disciplinary Committee, 2016-2017
  6. Convenor, Bhasha Sahitya Sanskriti Adhyayan Mancha, LOKD College  2017-2018
  7. Assistant Zonal Officer H.S. Final Examination, 2015-2016
  8.  S.O., B.A. 1st Semester Examination, 2015-2016
  9.  Member, Peer Committee, Paitha, a literary Bengali Journal
  10.  Invited as Resource  Person in Career Counseling Course entitled  ‘Counseling and     Development of Literature, Health and Society‘ organized by Bani Niketan School, Dhekiajuli, Assam, 2015
  11.  Resource person in a seminar on the topic ‘Uttar-Purber Natun Prajanmer Galpakar‘ organised by Department of Bengali, Rangapara College, Sonitpur, Assam,  held on 4th October, 2016.

Orientation Programmes attended:

  1. Participated in the Orientation Programme Conducted by ASC, Gauhati University  from 28th February  to 27th March, 2005  and obtained Grade B

Refresher Courses attended:

  1. Participated in the Refresher Course  Conducted by ASC, Gauhati University from September 26 to October 16, 2001.
  2. Participated in the Refresher Course  Conducted by ASC, Gauhati University from February  25  to March 16, 2008 and obtained Grade A.
  3. Participated in the Refresher Course  Conducted by ASC, Gauhati University from February 24  to March 16, 2014 and obtained Grade A

Published Research Papers:

  1. Advaita Mallabarmaner Sparshodosh : Manush O Manushyetara Pranir Dwandwa Kotha
    -Published in National Journal “Diversity of Conflicts In Post-War Indian Fiction
    Page No: 284 – 289, 2014, February,
    ISBN 978-81-920759-2-1
  2. “Paribartaman Mulyabodh O Shailabala Ghoshjayar Akhyan Biswa”
    – Published in National Journal “Paitha”
    Page No: 01 – 11, September, 2014
    ISSN 2277-8942
  3. Exploration Of Psychology : A Study Of Rabindranath’s Gopan Taladesh[PDF]
    – Published in National Journal “Creatcrit” Vol-2, No-1
    Page No: 145 -155, January 2015
    ISSN 2347-8829  
  4. Gunamay Mannar Shalboni : Prekshit Naxal Andolan
    – Published in National Journal “Shristi“, Vol-6
    Page No: 15 – 18, August 2016,
    ISSN 2277-6540
  5. Debesh Royer ‘Mafaswali Brittanta’ : Rajnitir Skudha O Skudhar Rajniti
    – Published in National Journal “Kathacharsa“, Vol-1
    Page No: 89 – 97, June 2017

Book Chapters:

  1. Title of Chapter: “Chhotogalper Advaita Mallabarman
    Book: Galpo Samikkha (National)
    Page No: 24 – 35
    Year: 2014
    ISBN 978-81-929838-3-7
  2. Title of Chapter: “Abdul Jabbarer Ilishmarir Char : Jalajibir Jiban Akhyan [PDF]
    Book: Dialogia : An Anthology Of Critical Ideas, Vol-1 (National)
    Page No: 141 – 149
    Year: 2015, February
    ISBN: 978-81-9240-95-3-5

Books published (without ISBN)

  1.  “Koyekti Mrityur Asampurna Bibaran“, A Collection Of Bengali Short Stories.