LOKD College



লোকনায়ক অমিয় কুমাৰ দাস মহাবিদ্যালয়


(Established - 1970)

Dhekiajuli - Sonitpur - Assam

Phone: 03712-244231

Core Values

The changing scenario of higher education taking into account the present day socio-economic and cultured dynamics is of almost importance for HEI coping with the challenges to  make the process of teaching learning much more effective with an objective of adaptability as well as inhaling values among the students enshrined in our culture

                With the increasing global interconnectedness and accessibility to knowledge changes, never experienced before are taking place in the Indian Higher Education system.

                Human resource development implies enhancing inherent as well as learnt capabilities of individuals to cater to the societal as well as economic needs. Within these board objective the ultimate goal of national development is implicit. It is meant for providing access to higher education  aspirants and thereby ensuring an egalitarian society, economic enrichment, eradication of regressive thinking, LOKD College, the only institution of Higher Education was established with an objective of fulfilling a long cherished dream of people living in a vast geographical area. Establishment of the college in 1970 was result of an honest and wholehearted effort of the people of greater Dhekiajuli, a dream come true and since its inception the college has been striving with a mission and vision changing people’s life and creating impact on societal front, imparting education to first generation learners.

The functioning of a globally integrated economy has made skill development an imperative of every HEI with the implied objective of intervention acceptability. Therefore skill developments with a competiveness enriched with knowledge are  prerequisite for HEI to face global challenges. Innovation and creativity with optimum utilization of available resource are to be the guiding principal in this regard to reach that end. Taking into account this urgently needed imperative of expanding knowledge and skill our institution has also imitated healthy fruitful collaboration with agencies, neighborhood institutions and NGOs so  that skill and knowledge combined could face the challenges posed by a rapidly changing global environment.

                All HEIs have  a greater responsibility of inculcating values among the students and it is one of the core issues that need to be attached importance in a diverse country like India. In a multi-cultured, multiethnic plural society students must imbibe the values that enriches, supports and strengthen such diversity at varied levels. Besides universal values, other values incorporated in government policies, mutual respect and understanding of varied culture and peaceful co-existence must be included among the students in a suitable environment for such highly desirable values, L.O.K.D. College situated in a multi ethnic rural background inculcation of such values is very pertinent considering the demographic pattern. In this regard are can boast of such a congenial ambience wherein students coming from varied background acquire knowledge and imbibe values of mutual respect and understanding. In the history of almost half century of this college ever experienced clashes or conflict on above mentioned grand.

21st century world has been changed beyond recognition resultant to an ever increasing use.

Impacts of technology, Most of the people are becoming aware of the advantages of technological innovation. Keeping in line with this HEIs are also initiating measures to introduce technology enabled learning. Being a rural college LOKD College is also gearing up for effective use of technology in administrative as well as academic matters and a persistent endeavor is being made toward that end.


Besides academies technology is being used for effective management of the institutional functionary in the sphere of documentation. All information regarding the institution is made accessible in the website for all the stakeholders. Moreover to enhance ICT literacy the institution is making effort though virtual classroom, digital library and a computer lab in academic as well as administrative matters. The campus has already been made a Wi-Fi campus.


Quest for Excellence;

                Quest for excellence in the sphere of knowledge and skill is an integral part of the mission and vision of LOKD College. The institution has its clearly defined goal and objective and towards its fulfillment steps been taken as the institution has initiated process for 2nd cycle of NAAC peer team visit. In that direction self assessment is being done through SWOC and every aspect of the instruction, academic as well as administrative.