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লোকনায়ক অমিয় কুমাৰ দাস মহাবিদ্যালয়


(Established - 1970)

Dhekiajuli - Sonitpur - Assam

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Best Practices and Institutional Distinctiveness

Best Practices:

Best Practice – I

Respective Multi Lingualism

Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College is the premier institution of higher education in the greater Dhekiajuli area. Established with an objective of catering to the need of higher education aspirants in this vast domain with multi-ethnic community. This institution is the result of persistent endeavor of the people of greater Dhekiajuli. Hence there is a great expectation of the people of this area from the College. Respect for multi lingualism, multi culturalism is one of the thrust areas of the institution. Linguistic diversity for the students to learn more than one language. The College has five M.I.L Departments.

Objective: In part IVA under Article 51 A of the constitution of India Fundamental Duties of the citizen of India has been incorporated. One of these duties prescribed for the citizens of India envisages a harmonious environment and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional, diversity. In tune with this philosophy of brotherhood Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College makes a conscious effort to instill respect for other language and culture, which is very much relevant for all HEIs. In view of this the five Modern Indian Language Departments came forward to constitute a forum for language, literature and cultural study. Accordingly Bhasa Sahitya Sanskriti Addhyan Mancha came into being on 16th of March, 2017 with its stated objective. Thrust area of this forum is the study of language and literature. Another stated objective of the forum is to encourage comparative literary study as well as culture of the communities living in this area.

Practice: During its existence of more than three years the Mancha has substantial contribution to its credit. ‘Kathasarsa’ a biennial magazine is being published by the forum which has proved to be good platform for publishing articles in Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Nepali and Hindi. Besides publication, Mancha organizes activities like celebration of birth anniversary of distinguished literateurs. Collaboration with local organization is another area of focus for the Mancha. By now seven issues of the magazine have been published. The forum has also initiated a step for fund generation out of the individual contribution of its members. Besides publication the forum organizes program like celebration of ‘Mother Tongue Day’, to emphasize the importance of mother tongue as medium of instruction. Lakshminath Bezbaruah Divas, Silpi Divas (Literary and Cultural Luminaries of Assam) are some other events organized by the forum.

An important publication of the Mancha is a book entitled ‘Swadhinatar Xoaran: Ganabiplabat Dhekiajuli’ based on Quit India Movement in Dhekiajuli.

With the objective of promoting folk culture of indigenous tribe the Mancha has taken the initiative of organizing a workshop on Bodo folk dance. Proposal for the said workshop had been forwarded to Sangeet Natak Academy and is now under consideration

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:  Some of the major problems / challenges encountered in taking up such activities are time constraint and inadequate fund. Due to hectic academic schedule the institution faces problems in taking up such activities. Moreover, this constraint of time makes it difficult for effective follow up measures of such activities and sometimes it cannot be sustained. Another challenge is limited resource for under taking such ventures. In such a situation there is a requirement of more fund and human resource.

Best Practice- II

Fostering social responsibility apart from routine teaching

Reaching out to the people: A rural interface

Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College is the premier institution of higher education in the greater Dhekiajuli area, established with an objective of catering to the need of higher education aspirants in this vast domain with multi-ethnic community. This institution is the result of persistent endeavor of the people of greater Dhekiajuli. Hence there is a great expectation of the people of this area from the College. The prime responsibility of the institution is to maximize the bond between the society and the institution through various activities.


In accordance with its larger objective of reaching out to the marginalized section of the society providing access for higher education the College since its inception has been making efforts towards fulfillment of social responsibility. It has been integrated as a part of the mission of our College and accordingly activities are initiated in the right earnest. Moreover, reducing the distance between the people and the institution is an imperative for establishing coherent relationship with the larger society. Social commitment also implies for us the relevance of earned knowledge for the society which has been iterated into the objective of our outreach programme.

LOKD College being the only institution of higher education in greater Dhekiajuli has always been accountable to the society in which it is situated and derives its strength from various forums or bodies such as NCC, NSS, Women Cell, LOKD College Teachers Unit etc. These forums or bodies have undertaken many outreach programme to extend services to the society to address particular issues as part of social commitment.


Planning commission, Government of India has made a recommendation regarding inclusion of ‘fostering social responsibility’ as an integral part of the strategy for advancing higher education in the 12th plan. Apart from the routine teaching-learning task the faculty members of the College have been extending their service towards the various sections of the society to foster social responsibility in the best of their capacities. A brief outline is given below:

  1. Blood Donation Camp: Giving blood is giving life to someone. With this idea of humanitarian service LOKD College has initiated a practice of blood donation through camps as an annual event. In this regard it is worth mentioning that two such camps have already been successfully organized in collaboration with nearby Govt. Hospital. NCC cadets, teachers and other donors enthusiastically participated in the said camps. These camps were conducted following proper procedure and through this an attempt has been made by the institution to inspire the students for social responsibility as well as to eradicate the fear of donating blood.
  2. Social awareness programme: Tamasho ma jyotirgomoi (Lead us from darkness to light) is the motto of our College and is its guiding force. Being an institution of Higher Education, Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College makes endeavor to undertake awareness programme on various issues relating to the society such as HIV/AIDS, Child Labour and Trafficking etc. All these activities are aimed at enhancing the level of awareness of the people considering the location of the College as a large majority of the people living in the area is at a backward state of development. A persistent endeavour on the part of the institution to maintain a clean, green and polythene free campus is seen through activities and regulations. The same effort is extended towards society.
  3. Community outreach programmes: Fulfilling commitments towards larger society is integral to the objectives of our College and efforts are on to reach out to the community wherever and whenever it is required. Considering the locational aspect of the College, community outreach programme has been accorded greater significance by the College. In this regard some of the activities initiated by the College are awareness rally on electoral participation to ensure greater public participation, LOKD College teachers’ unit & students’ union offer a helping hand in time of ethnic conflict or communal riot etc.

Evidence of success:

  1. Blood Donation Camp has been organized successfully on 20th June 2016 & 2017 on the occasion of Bishnu Rabha Divas under the aegis of Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College NCC, Red Ribbon Club in collaboration with Kanaklata Civil Hospital, Tezpur.
    • Voter’s awareness programme organized by Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College NCC & students’ union in collaboration with district administration, Sonitpur on 25th January, 2015.
    • Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College teachers’ unit & students’ union visited and provided relief material during the communal riot at Batasipur in December 2015 as part of its social responsibility.
    • A help desk was opened jointly by Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College teachers’ unit and NCC in collaboration with SBI, Dhekiajuli branch during demonetization to provide help and consultancy services to the local people on 17th November, 2016.
    • Organized a seminar on “Sexual Harassment and Legal Provision” by LOKD College Women Cell & IQAC on 17th March, 2017.
    • Fire and earthquake mock drill organized on 18th March, 2017 by LOKD College NCC in collaboration with the district administration, Sonitpur.
    • LOKD College NCC organized a rally against Child Labour on 12th June, 2017.
    • LOKD College teachers’ unit & students’ union donated a sum of Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees thirty thousand) to the Chief Minister Relief Fund to provide help for the flood victims on 15th November, 2017.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Some of the major problems/challenges encountered in taking up such activities are time constraint and inadequate fund. Due to hectic academic schedule the institution faces problems in taking up such activities. Moreover, this constraint of time makes it difficult for effective follow up measures of such activities and sometimes it cannot be sustained. Another challenge is limited resource for undertaking such ventures. In such a situation there is a requirement of more fund and human resource.

Best Practice-III

Title of the Practice: Reaching out to the people: An interface with rural people.

Objective of the practice: The objective of the practice is to reach out to the people to establish a permanent linkage with the rural people creating visible positive impact through various activities ranging from awareness program to engaging villagers in such activities to develop entrepreneurship. The stated objective of the practice called reaching out to the people is to establish a permanent linkage with the rural people in interior places and provide the opportunity of experiential learning to students working with rural people.

The Context:  Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College is the premier institution of higher education in the greater Dhekiajuli area. Established with the noble objective of making higher education accessible to aspirants in a vast domain of multi-ethnic community. The college progresses with the noble objective of making higher education accessible to aspirants in a vast domain of multi ethnic community. People of this area have great expectations from this institution, which came into existence by the persistent endeavors of a group of people. Within its larger objective of making education socially relevant, Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College envisaged a plan of village adoption. Villages situated in the interior of greater Dhekiajuli are mostly inhabited by tribal (Bodo) and other ethnic community. Considering this fact the village requires a lot of initiatives in the socio-economic share for creating a positive visible impact on the part of the institution.

The practice: In the village adoption initiative of the institution Khagarijan has been selected considering its interior location. Bodo tribe mostly inhabits the village which is situated at a distance of about 14 kilometers from LOKD College in Thelamara revenue circle. The villagers are very hard working and their economy is agro based. Considering this fact a lot of initiative is required for the socio-economic development of the village.  In this regard, the college consulted the village development committee and a formal linkage has been established to take up a slew of activities.

Evidence of Success: After a fact finding visit by two of the faculty members to the Khagarijan Lower Primary School awareness cum demonstration program was organized on Vermi Compost. Objective of this program was to make the villagers aware of the benefits of Vermi-Compost. NCC cadets conducted a preliminary survey to ascertain the family status and occupation of the villagers.  All these initiatives were followed by action. Intimation has also been given to village people for entrepreneurship development through Assam Start-up linkage.

Problems Encountered:  Not withstanding the fund crunch, the co-operation of the villagers eased out the problem to some extent. College authority is not in a position to frequently support such activities involving fund. Even then, the preliminary steps generated a good response as evidenced in the form of appreciation letter. People of this area have great expectations from this institution and we are starving to fulfill this expectation. Time constraint is another problem that we are facing; the college is encouraging involvement of more students with proper guidance by teachers on a rotational basis.

Best Practice- IV

Title of the Practice: Book Bank: Stretching accessibility

The Context: Quest for excellence in the sphere of knowledge is integral to the mission and vision of Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College. Making higher education accessible involves catering to the need of students from poor background.

Text books are integral in the pursuance of higher education and a large section of the students coming from poor background are unable to purchase books. An effort has been made in this regard in the form of book bank.

Objective of the practice: Stretching accessibility is one such endeavour to address the problem of text books for poor students. Objective of this practice is to provide textbooks to the poor students as part of our larger objective of social upliftment through quality education. Sustained effort towards achieving this objective has been made. Hence, the idea of book bank has been floated and materialized.

The Practice: The idea of generating a book bank has already been materialized out of the contribution from pass out students. The book bank of the central library is now getting enriched by addition of more titles each year that had an initial collection of 150 titles.

A noteworthy contribution by one of our faculty members to the tune of Rs.100000/- has been made for enriching the book bank.

Evidence of Success: Book bank at the central library has proved to be a successful endeavour and this has been initiated at the departmental level also Department of Bengali is successfully running the book bank generated from contribution of ex-students.

Problems Encountered: At the initial stage no problem has been encountered. In future, space might be a problem in the departments for book bank.

Best Practice -V

Title of Practice: – Helpage: a humane endeavour.
Objective:- The objective of the practice is to extend financial help to any one from the college family in distress. This practice of offering financial help was intended to create a bonding among the staff, teaching and non-teaching. It is an endeavour to create a healthy working environment through family like bonding.
 The Context: – Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College being the only institution of higher education in greater Dhekiajuli generates great expectation from the people. Established with a vision of making education accessible to all aspirants in an area mostly inhabited by various ethnic communities has already created visible positive impact in greater Dhekiajuli area.
One of the primary concerns of the institution is to build a family like ambience among the staff. The idea of having a helpage fund originated long back in 2015 with a group of teachers from LOKD College who made voluntary contributions for creating a fund for the purpose. LOKD College teachers unit, as the representative of the teachers has been following a noble tradition of offering financial assistance to teacher or any other employee.
      Till today family members of a number of teachers and other employees and a number of other employees received financial assistance at the time of accident, disease and in other such situation.
The fund generated in 2015 is being enhanced from time-to-time contribution from teacher members. This fund would also be utilized to provide succour to students. One of the faculty members is in charge of this fund.
Evidence of Success: The noble endeavour of the institution to have an inbuilt system of internal support has been successful. The entire system is based on wishes of the teachers to do something for a good cause. By and large, it has been a successful endeavour.
 Problem Encountered: In this process of having a support system, the institution has not faced any serious problem. Only a minor issue has been faced i.e., to go for the collection drive.



Lokanayak Omeo Kumar Das College is a leading institution of higher education established in a multi ethnic domain and catering to the need of higher education in a vast geographical area has been making significant contribution in the academic and societal sphere of greater Dhekiajuli. This institution was established with an unwavering endeavour of a group of educational enthusiasts and supported by cross section of people to provide quality higher education to its aspirants.

It has been enshrined in the mission of LOKD College to make higher education accessible to students coming from tea community, Bodo, Gorkha, minorities and other backward castes. This institution started its journey with a small group of students and with the passage of time number of enrollment had a gradual increase. At present LOKD College has more than 2000 students. Since its inception, the institution has been imparting education to a good number of first generation learners.

A suitable academic environment for physical and mental development has been created in a rural setup. Now it has grown into an institution with three faculties of science, arts and commerce.

Academic and other support facilities augmented over the years provided the students opportunities to excel in sports and cultural activities. Achievements of some of the students earned laurel for the college. NCC is a platform offered in the institution for both boys and girls helps creating employment avenues for a large no of students.

Respect for multilingualism, fostering inclusiveness: LOKD College situated in a multi ethnic domain has a distinct advantage for fostering indigenous language and literature. It is enshrined in the long term vision of the institution for creating an ambience of growth and inclusiveness wherein students from various ethnic backgrounds are imparted education and opportunities are offered to learn and grow. For a better understanding of society of which the institution is also a part and for its growth it has always been aware of the societal context. Reaching out to the students of multicultural background LOKD College provides an ambience of enrichment at various levels and it has always been integral to its vision to encourage inclusiveness.

Respect to multilingualism in the contest of North-East as well as the larger Indian context needs to be encouraged that constitutes the great diversity of our country. LOKD College strives to inculcate these values of respect for other language and culture and it is one area where the institution has its own benchmark. From the very beginning of its journey our institution has been offering a space suitable for inclusive learning in the form of different language skills and students are encouraged in this respect through various activities and forums.

This institution has five language departments and students could opt for any of these language. Growth and enrichment of each of these languages has been a thrust area of this institution and in pursuance of this a forum entitled “Bhasa Sahitya Sanskriti Adhyan Manchs” Has been formed. Objective of this forum is to promote and Project the linguistic diversity through half-yearly publication research journal named “Kathacharsa.”

Besides participation of students from different linguistic background in college week and other festivities, participation in youth festival provides the exposure for enrichment of the languages spoken by our students along with varied cultural elements.

Focusing on the thrust area the institution has been making sincere efforts to reach out to the neighboring community. Involving community people in sharing of knowledge and various awareness activities carried out in the adopted village inhabited by the Bodo tribe constitutes an important segment of reaching out to the people.

Keeping in view the larger objective of nourishing multilingualism, multiculturalism teachers and students of the institution extend support to the literary organization of various communities like Asom Sahitya Sabha, Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Gorkha Sahitya Sabha, Dhekiajuli Sakha (Branch) Sahitya Sabha. In the annual sessions and other literary functions organizations held at Dhekiajuli LOKD College extends financial support and co-operation. Some of our teachers are life members of these associations. Active participation of the teaching faculty in annual sessions is part of our commitment to the objective mentioned above. Students participate as volunteers and also in cultural activities wherein they are exposed to different cultural activities. One of our members Dr. Tolan Mochahary served as the Secretary of Bodo Sahitya Sabha from 2004-2007 and hold the portfolio of Vice President from 2007-2010.

During the time of Demonetization a group of teachers and students’ provided help and guidance to people in front of SBI Dhekiajuli.

Covid-19 pandemic brought in its trail miseries affecting all sections of people. At the initial phase of the pandemic LOKD College teachers and administration conducted a series of awareness activities along with preparation of sanitizer and distribution of mask in surrounding villages.         

Annual college week festival is another occasion wherein students of one community represent other community in the cultural rally reflecting multi cultural background. Moreover, the institution rises to the occasion wherever there is a requirement. In the violence ravaged Batasipur area as violence erupted between Bodos and Adibasi community resulting in loss of life and property, LOKD College teachers Unit provided succor in the form of financial and mental support to the victims. The institution in this manner strives to promote multilingualism, multiculturalism and sense of responsibility.